Cragg on liturgy and the Gospel for Muslims

Call of the Minaret, Kenneth Cragg, 2001, p. 299:

Perhaps we have not been careful enough to let the Muslims see the Church in its sacramental communion with the living Christ. Though reverent words can explain the objective meaning of the service, only the reality of communion can show its fullness.


Samuel said…
In most cases Muslims are not permitted to "see the Church in its sacramental communion with the living Christ." If they try to, they risk being seen by other Muslims who will indict them with the suspicion of being apostates. That can carry a death sentence (depending on where they are) or being ostracized by their community. So it looks like you can never be careful enough to let Muslims "see" if it means jeopardizing them. A catch 22.

But blessed be the Muslims who would risk seeing that Jesus is Lord.
Abu Daoud said…
I think that is not accurate. It is true that traditionally a Christian entering a mosque could be executed, but a Muslim entering a church was permitted. There is Islamic case law about it. The legality is related to whether or not there are images in the church.
Samuel said…
You're right, Abu Daoud, I should not have used "permitted," as it wasn't necessary. However, the rest of what I said---the risks it raises---can still be a problem.

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