UK will be Islamic nation in 2038

From HERE:

If recent reports of trends in religious observance prove to be correct, then in some 30 years the mosque will be able to claim that, religiously speaking, the UK is an Islamic nation, and therefore needs a share in any religious establishment to reflect this. The progress of conservative Islam in the UK has been amazing, and it has come at a time of prolonged decline in church attendance that seems likely to continue.

This progress has been enthusiastically assisted by this government in particular with its hard-line multi-cultural dogma and willingness to concede to virtually every demand made by Muslims. Perhaps most importantly the government has chosen to allow hard-liners to act as representing all Muslims, and more liberal Muslims have almost completely failed to produce any leadership voices to compete, leading many Britons to wonder if there are indeed many liberal Muslims at all, surely a mistake.

At all levels of national life Islam has gained state funding, protection from any criticism, and the insertion of advisors and experts in government departs national and local. A Muslim Home Office adviser, for example, was responsible for Baroness Scotland’s aborting of the legislation against honour killings, arguing that informal methods would be better. In the police we hear of girls under police protection having the addresses of their safe houses disclosed to their parents by Muslim officers who think they are doing their religious duty.

While men-only gentlemen’s clubs are now being dubbed unlawful, we hear of municipal swimming baths encouraging ‘Muslim women only’ sessions and in Dewsbury Hospitals staff waste time by turning beds to face Mecca five times a day — a Monty Pythonesque scenario of lunacy, but astonishingly true. Prisons are replete with imams who are keen to inculcate conservative Islam in any inmates who are deemed to be culturally ‘Muslim’: the Prison service in effect treats such prisoners as a cultural block to be preached to by imams at will. Would the Prison service send all those with ‘C of E’ on their papers to confirmation classes with the chaplain?! We could go on. [...]

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Don said…
In view of that, I wonder how long this policy will last...
Rob said…
Is this really a bad thing? I mean, why do we act like this means that a "Christian" country will turn Islamic? The UK is a hideous atheistic ghoul, murdering it's infants just like we do in the US. I do not relish the idea of Muslim overlords, but if they enforce order and don't allow immorality, is it really so bad that the UK become Muslim?

I would rather, of course, that all countries become Catholic, etc. But given a choice between a sick, atheist culture and a Muslim culture, I'll choose the latter, thanks. I might not enjoy it, but how many lives would be saved?
Brett said…

How many lives would be saved? Well unless you were willing to convert... not yours. Do you really think forced obedience would solve things? Ask Abu why he probably uses a fake name for his blog. Ask my friends in Indonesia why their conversions were accompanied with death threats.

You do also realize that you are echoing the views of Nietzsche? He thought the worst thing in history to happen was the victory of Charles Martel's forces at the battle of Tours. That Christianity was the greatest scourge to western culture. And he thought that if Islam had wiped it out.

You are showing your ignorance of Islam. As we have said before in the blog it is a Nation building religion. The goal is to bring the kingdom of Allah to earth. There is no Real separation of church and state. Which means all other religions are destroyed or persecuted.

Would you like to be able to openly worship and share your faith in an apathetic and scornful society, or one where you would have to worship in hiding and in fear, only being able to share your faith with those you have built trust with.
Rob said…
-How many lives would be saved? Well unless you were willing to convert... not yours.-

Actually, I know Catholics that live in Muslim countries. They are not getting their heads chopped off.

-Do you really think forced obedience would solve things?-

I was a teacher and school principal for ten years. I think forced obedience is a great thing! More Americans should obey things such as the law, God, etc.

-You are showing your ignorance of Islam.-

Okay. I see.

Western civilization is better than Islam. As a great books proponent and educator, I think the Wetsren mind is the pinnacle of human achievement.

It also started dying in the sixteenth century, so I mourn it. I don't mistake the moral sewer in which I live for Western civilization, though. Our ship floats on a sea of fetal corpses. Islamic societies can be brutal, but just read some Crusdade-period literature and many people were happier under Muslims because their own societoes were screwed up and the Muslims brought order.

Would I like to see the US replaced by Al-Qaeda? No way. I love freedom. (I wish we had less socialism here and I didn't have to pay so many stupid taxes, but....) But do I really think seeing some effete, decrepit society linger on is a good thing? If the Brits are just going to lay about on the dole and abort their children, why waste tears on them?
Abu Daoud said…
I prefer the semi-atheistic secularism because at least (for now) it permits conversion to the Christian faith, whereas Islam punishes it vigorously.

And you are right Brett, Abu Daoud is not my birth name.
Brett said…

There is theory and there is reality. You say you know some, but what do they say about persecution or being able to live and openly display their faith.

We don't know where Abu is, but we know he hands out tracts at much personal danger. I would rather get a laugh for trying to hand out a tract than a threat of harm.

Just look at Turkey. It is a "secular govt" but persecution of christians finds its way to the mainstream media. The Gov't watches churches and missionaries closely.

A missionary friend of mine who went there under the guise of a student, started getting his mail sent to the home church there. As a way of the Gov't telling him, "we know why you are really here"

That is interesting though that you think forced obedience is a great thing, since God seems to disagree with you. I.E. free will. Now this doesn't elimate rules and discipline, but there is a huge difference between forcing and guiding. What are you doing to guide those around you towards Christ.

We can rattle on about the evils of today's society, but what is always the most imporant is what are you doing about the evil we see in our own hearts
Rob said…
-Just look at Turkey. It is a "secular govt" but persecution of christians finds its way to the mainstream media. The Gov't watches churches and missionaries closely.-

Exactly. Prior to the secular government, Christians were up to 25% of the population in Turky. Now, they are on the verge of non-existence. We did better under the Sultans.

-We can rattle on about the evils of today's society, but what is always the most imporant is what are you doing about the evil we see in our own hearts-

Agreed. Peace.

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