Pray for Jamal

I went out today with a printout of the Sermon on the Mount in Arabic and ended up getting into a long conversation with a man whom we will call Jamal. I left him the text. Please pray for him. I could tell that our conversation deeply touched him and we actually got to speak for quite some time. We touched on some of the most difficult topics: the Trinity, the crucifixion, the Sonship of Jesus, and tahriif. We even got to speak of other less common topics: the Holy Spirit, why are there four Gospels, and the lack of family values in the West--a major concern of his.

That the Spirit would call him to everlasting life
That the words of Holy Scripture would touch his heart and mind and soul
That the beauty of the way of the Lord would convict him
That he would enter the Kingdom of God


Brett said…
Wow! Definitely will be praying. That is interesting that he asked about the holy spirit and the four gospels. BC aren't muslims told that there was only the Injeel (spelling?) which was the gospel of Jesus, but it has been lost to us.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Brett, that precisely is why he asked about those things.
Brett said…
So, how did you talk about it? It is kind of a hard argument to have. We deligitimize the four gospels, but we can't show you they are illegitimate because we don't have the original. So, you just have to trust us.

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