First Printing Press in the Middle East

Lebanese Maronites had maintained friendly relations with Rome and the rest of Europe since the Crusades. Maronite clerics went to Europe to study in Catholic institutions and a special Maronite school was established in Rome in the 16th century. In 1610 graduates of this school in Rome established the first printing press in the Middle East--at the Maronite monastery of Dair Quzhayya. Soon the region's first books were printed--religious and literary--helping to usher in the cultural revolution.

Atallah Mansour
The Narrow Gate Churches, p. 85
Pasadena: Hope Publishing, 2004

The first Muslim printing press? In Turkey in 1727, 121 years later.


Anonymous said…
The Maronite monastery of Dair Quzhayya is situated in Mount Lebanon. Christians were a majority in Lebanon, until 1958 when series of regional wars, and the Kissinger plan slowly expatriated them.

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