Two points for Truth

Well, these two stories may seem to be totally unrelated, but they are.

First, Texas billionaire T Boons Pickens is spending millions of $$$ on what may end up being the largest wind plant in the world. Why is that good for one point for Truth? Because of wha it DOES NOT do, namely shovel money into the coffers of such pacifist countries as Saudi Arabia and Iran. And here's what he says about wind power:

It will be located in [the] central part of the United States, which will be the best from a safety standpoint to be located. You have a wind corridor that goes from Pampa, Texas, to the Canadian border. And it has -- the wind, it's unbelievable that we have not done more with wind. Look at Germany and Spain. They have developed their wind way beyond what we have, and they don't have as much wind as we do. It's not unlike the French have done with their nuclear. They're 80 percent power generated off of nuclear, we're 20 percent.

Second, Andrew Bostom's new book has come out to some very positive reviews. It is called The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism. Here is a section of one review:

...this amazingly prolific writer has completed [a] collection of sources, Islamic and others, which testify to the long and sorry history of anti-Semitism in Islam. This too had never been undertaken before on such a scale, mainly due to the constrictions of political correctness that posited that Islam, unlike Christianity, had not entertained a systematic persecution of the Jews.

This apologetic for Islam has now been shattered by Andrew Bostom, who painstakingly but thoughtfully collected and collated this documentation that would have been a stunning and innovative undertaking for any scholar of Islam to pursue, let alone for a professional in medicine whose research on Islam has been merely a secondary career.

Two points for truth.


Brett said…
Yes, but to be fair... France is slightly smaller than Colorado. Our 20% nuclear is alot bigger than their 80%. It is a false comparison. Such as saying the US is falling behind other countries as far as education. Not all countries guarantee all children an education. And to say Japan graduates a higher percentage of engineers doesn't take into account that they use a broader definition of "engineer" than we do.

I agree though that much more needs to be done as far as alternative energy sources, but we are working on it. I think the spiking oil prices will push demand for this technology though.

As of April 2008 Texas continues to lead the states in terms of both total installed wind power capacity and holds the record for the world's largest wind farm
E. Twist said…
I've driven by that wind farm on my trips between San Antonio and Phoenix. It's something else.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Guys, I guess a lot of it has do with wether this is a spike or a long steep incline. If it is just a spike and petroleum prices come doen again substantially (which I doubt) then he will have lost much of his money probably.

Twist: I also heard about a huge solar power farm being buil in Arizona, have you seen that at all? Maybe it will be Arizon's new export: solar-generated electricity.
Brett said…
I don't think prices will dip below $2.00 ever again. But let us hope it does go down a little. Freight companies are really suffering.

Nuclear is nice, but it is just not practical. Not to mention the waste disposal problems.

Wind, solar, and geothermal is the new wave. They are even making geothermal systems for homes now for heating and air conditioning

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