Erik Twist: more than empty ritual

From HERE:

Ritual, we must say, is written into the fabric of human nature. All civilizations exhibit it. It is only in our recent western modernity that we have tried to deny both its necessity and our own inability to shake off its bonds. The anti-liturgical movement with its so-called emphasis on relevance and authenticity (forsaking anything that hints of traditionalism) claims to offer worship "experiences" that lend the worshiper a freedom and space to approach God in a manner that is both comfortable and honest.

What is telling is that for your average "seeker-friendly" service this always follows a strict pattern: sub-culturally relevant music (this differs according to the demographic trying to be reached), a laid-back attitude manifested in catchy introductions, extemporaneous prayers that usually follow the same pattern, and a long, passionately delivered talk. The best of these offerings is done in large auditoriums where no natural light is allowed in so that the "mood" of the space can be changed to fit the events of the service. Everything is thought through. Everything is geared toward evoking a desired feeling. Most of it is repeated week after week. [...]


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