France's jails full of Muslims

...This prison is majority Muslim -- as is virtually every house of incarceration in France. About 60 to 70 percent of all inmates in the country's prison system are Muslim, according to Muslim leaders, sociologists and researchers, though Muslims make up only about 12 percent of the country's population.

From HERE.


Steve Scott said…
Any idea why? The article didn't say what Muslims were imprisoned for, only that there was discrimination and that most of them were poor.
Abu Daoud said…
I'm guessing there are multiple reasons. There is rampant illegal immigration in France, and the government is doing little to stem it, that is one reason. Another is that Muslims often have little allegiance to a secular nation state because they know it is inferior to the umma. Funding Muslim communities at the expense of non-Muslims is as old as Islam itself, and was practiced often by Muhammad during his caravan raids (al ghazawaat). Finally, immigrant communities tend to be lower income and thus either commit more petty crimes or at least get caught more often. This is something we have seen in the US and UK as well.

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