Bp. Michael Nazir-Ali: a prophet rejected by his own people

There's precious little good news from England these days. Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury wants "limited" sharia' (I have told you what I think about that), and...well, I won't even go on with the list. Suffice to say that the government seems adamantly intent on Islamizing the whole country. Mamlakat al britaania al islamiyya anyone?

But there are glimpses of light here and there. Michael Nazir-Ali is one of them. This is from HERE, do click and read the whole profile:

..."If you want to go high in the Church of England you keep your nose clean and you become a safe pair of hands. That's what most of them are, but Nazir-Ali is a prophet and prophets are rejected in their own constituency, like Jesus was. He is a serious man for serious times. What you see in public is what you get in private," Eddy says.

"He's a major influence among Anglo-Catholics, evangelicals, and it's well-known that Rowan Williams and the bishop have not spoken in any detail for more than a year. If Rowan had consulted Michael about sharia law it would have saved the Church of England a lot of heartache."

Nazir-Ali's views have earned him some unflattering nicknames. But Andrew Brown, the church commentator, likens him to a Cambridge don. "He's conservative, he's clever and he's old-fashioned," Brown says. "We may not like him, but he is formidable. Whether he knows it or not, questions about Islam are a great way to marginalise liberals and will become the new battleground for the evangelical wing of the Church of England."


Custard. said…
I believe the link you wanted was

JohnG. said…
Limited sharia seems to have still began : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1023483/You-preach-Bible-Muslim-area.html

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