"Redeeming Time"

So what am I reading these days? I just started this book yesterday and am finding it very nurturing, both spiritually as a Christian and intellectually as a scholar (or wannabe scholar).

TS Eliot is my favorite poet, and in my view, a prophet through and through. He is in many ways one of my heroes. He and CS Lewis were both Anglicans and were both significant in bringing me into and keeping me in Anglican Christianity. Lewis is beloved for being able to reduce complex and nuanced notions to simple phrases. I love Lewis, but Eliot was very invested in larger questions about philosophy, theology, metaphysics, culture, history, sacramentalogy--you name it. "Redeeming Time" is a book about Eliot's final major poem and masterpiece, Four Quartets. He deals with issues of Christian mysticism, redemption, time, and identity.

If you haven't read Eliot, or if you have just read his pre-conversion poems (The Wasteland and The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock), or if you have just listened to his children's verse (lyrics from "Cats"), then please pick up his Collected Poems. If you have read Four Quartets, then consider picking up Redeeming Time.


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