Islamic Ethics and Hacking Websites

I have come to enjoy reading the daily Islamic Question and Answer. There are usually about three to five questions posted each day about everything from ritual ablution to fasting to dishonesty. I also like the these scholars (whoever they are) are very conservative. Their answers are not always very coherent or concise, but generally they quote from the Quran or the hadiiths and then from other scholars, and give their decision.

Here is one of the questions today with the abridged answer:

Is hacking or destroying permissive and perverted websites – may Allaah protect us from them – halaal or haraam?

Praise be to Allaah.

One of the worst things with which people are being tested nowadays, which is different from past centuries, is what they see and watch of the spread of nakedness, promiscuity and permissiveness, and all types of desires which are not deterred by morals, modesty or religious commitment...

As Islam calls for reform and purification, it has enjoined everyone who adheres to it and believes in its principles to strive hard to rid people of evil and warn them against it. This is enshrined in one of the great principles of this religion, namely enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil, which is a shar’i obligation upon all Muslims, each according to his situation and ability.

The tools of immorality have no protection in Islamic sharee’ah, rather sharee’ah does not acknowledge them as property, so they are worthless items, which deserve to be destroyed, so they must be demolished and wiped out...

But what we think with regard to permissive sites is that it is the responsibility of the state, public institutions and specialized centres, and is not the responsibility of individuals. We think that the danger that these sites will cause to individual Muslims who try to destroy them or spoil them – even if they are of a high level of faith and piety – is greater than the efforts they can make and the results that they can achieve. No one nowadays can put an end to all the evil sites, not even one percent of them . The remedy will be by using means to warn and protect people, by blocking the evil sites in the Muslim countries, and developing programs to block them, and spreading awareness and warning people. These efforts can only be undertaken by nations and institutions, not by individuals who could fall victim to their emotions and desire for change, and inadvertently fall prey to these corrupt sites...


Anonymous said…
I just wanted to point out that Islam Q&A is Wahhabi-Salafi and whilst socially conservative, is not traditional by any stretch of the imagination.
Abu Daoud said…
Thanks for the note Um Yasmin. Is there another website you know of that you would recommend?

It is precisely because the site is influenced by the Wahhabi and Salafi traditions that I find it to be enlightening.

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