Do Hot Cities Fear God More?

Aysha poses the question:

As I landed in Riyadh, SA, the temperature announced itself bluntly on the screen: 40°C. Gosh, I thought. And that’s when the sun is not even up. It was 9 p.m., in a city where the sun retires around 6.

My only fear as I exited the airplane was sunrise.

But there was much more to fear. The air-conditioning system being down, for example. Taking a bath in shower where the cold water is much hotter than the hot water that’s been reserved in special tanks! Trying to convince a baby who’s lived most of his life in Portland to eat and be jolly while his cheeks are red hot.

Up on Fajr, where mosques from all directions are announcing prayer time, I thought if there was ever a link between religiousness and severely hot weather. With religions constantly warning people of the eternal fire, is it not easier to fear burning when one has a taste of it every day of their life? And amongst the religious themselves, do climates have an effect on how people feel towards God (eg, hot countries fear vs moderate countries love)?

And would the technological barrier that generations build between them and the the weather be a reason as to why people do not remember God as much?


SocietyVs said…
I like your progressive thinking AD - I really do!
Abu Daoud said…
Well, the question is from Aysha, not from me, to be fair.
Aysha said…
Thanx abu daoud for sharing this post. Being in "indoor" Saudi, it feels super-nice to have one's questions reaching beyond.
Abu Daoud said…
My pleasure Aysha. I have not been to KSA. Any word on the gov't there putting in place rules for tourist visas any time soon?

I think it's been in the works no for like seven years :-) (I'm serious actually, though in a way it's funny, or sad, depending on how you look at it.)

I hope you enjoy your time there and look forward to reading about your experiences.

My offer to have TS Eliot's collected poems sent to you is still good!

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