Are you called to the field?

I think this is a question that every Christian must take seriously. Are you being called to the mission field? It is true that many are called to support missionaries, but the rest are called to actually be missionaries. That takes many forms: being doctors, businessmen, teachers, evangelists, scholars, administrators, logistics specialists, and so on. The call is for the young: John was probably about 18 when Jesus called him to be a disciple. Mary was about 15 when Gabriel told her that she was going to give birth Jesus! The call is also for the old: Abraham was an old man when God called him to leave his home land and go to a place "that I will show you."

The call is for married people and single people. It is for the educated and the uneducated. It is for those who are important and powerful and for those who are weak in the eyes of the world. AFM which is a fine organization and I encourage all our readers to consider attending this conference:

Crime Scene Investigation
The Crime: 1.7 billion people have never heard the Gospel!

The Scene: The areas of North Africa, the Middle East and
Asia where these 1.7 billion people live in darkness.

The Investigation: Learning, exploring and then discovering
your part in God’s purpose for these 1.7 billion lost peoples.

Anglican Frontier Missions CSI Conference
Friday evening, September 28th- Sunday, September 30th, 2007
Richmond, Virginia

(804) 355-8468 - INFO@AFM-US.ORG – WWW.AFM-US.ORG


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