From Ochuck: Just Drive

From Ochuk over at 20 Times Around the Block:

Let’s just drive.

In the past few weeks I’ve put a good, 1,000 miles on the old Green Machine as I have traveled down and back from Faribault. My favorite detour has been to make a stop in Northfield and pick up some Blue Moon from the local gas station. I forgot that the Malt-O-Meal plant was there. That whole town smells like one of Brian’s breakfasts in the morning. Gota love it.

What I’ve found is that my ADHD mind is able to find satisfaction in the passing scenery. The Minnesota farmland is more interesting than what you find in Iowa and Nebraska. There are a lot of hills, lakes, trees, and rivers that create a Midwestern homesickness that happily aches as it realizes this is where I live and I love it. And is there anything more relaxing than listening to a Twins game on the radio? Sure they usually get stomped, but the calming effect of John Gordon’s voice has more efficacy than any anti-depressant I’ve ever taken.

But perhaps the most pleasant surprise I’ve had is that I actually find myself praying. How does that happen?

Prayer for me has always been very forced. I’ve said elsewhere that I often feel like an object rather than a subject in my prayers that are scattered and disjointed. I would not be surprised at all if God didn’t listen to them. I mean I wouldn’t. I know how to sound like I know how to pray. Praying in small groups is actually quite easy for me, but when I am alone and dealing with myself I have found that leaning on my own understanding has been much more helpful than casting anxiety on God. Why bother if I can just analyze it, explain it to my satisfaction, and feel in control? Works for me. Most of the time.

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