Pakistan call for Jihad against India

Hat tip to Jihadwatch. This is from the Indian newspaper, The Hindu:

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s Islamist media published a series of explicit calls for violence against India in the six weeks before the Hyderabad bombings — a development that analysts believe reflects the weakening of General Pervez Musharraf’s regime, and raises fears of a renewed wave of terror strikes.

In an editorial published in the Jamaat-e-Islami-affiliated Daily Jasarat’s August 19 Friday supplement, the newspaper demanded that the “slogan of jihad should reverberate in every nook and corner of Pakistan. If Pakistan allows jihadis to infiltrate into India then Kashmir could be liberated in six months.”

“Within a couple of years,” the newspaper asserted, “the rest of the territories of India could be conquered as well, and we can regain our lost glory. We can bring back the era of Mughal rule. We can once again subjugate the Hindus like our forefathers.”


SocietyVs said…
If subjugation of another race for former glory is the goal - why don't they continue looking back to when Muhammed made this whole religion up from and said it was from 'scratch'. For me it gets harder to believe this religion is from God - when it reflects nothing about God in certain aspects - namely this kind of jihad and conquering. I would ask any Muslim to find God in that...or at least exaplin that to me.

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