Islam as the source of human rights

From Dr. Hamza Dhib Mustafa, member of the Palestinian Authority Supreme Fatwa Council, Al Quds, Aug. 28, 2007. Hat tip to Palestinian Media Watch (

"To what does the publication of the declaration of human rights in the West testify in 1948? Didn’t Islam issue something much greater 14 centuries ago?

"Despite these rights, reserved for humans… we see chilling and embarrassing operations from the states who claim to be democratic, or is it possible that they classify themselves as one of the states of the First World, since… what did the United States do in South America? What did America do in Iraq and Afghanistan? And what does the Israeli occupation do to our Palestinian people, by occupying its land, the requisition of its property and its banishment to everywhere on the face of the earth?

"All this in the era of the declaration on human rights. Despite this declaration, humanity is still suffering much from the degradation of human respect, from racial discrimination and from social injustice, and by whom? By those that declared these rights!...

"Yet, these rights… Islam espoused them 14 centuries ago… Europe and the West in general, would never have reached these principles, had they not been influenced by the advanced Islamic culture and had they not borrowed much from it, including this declaration…

"Islamic societies are cultured, humane and righteous societies, since oppression had not found its way to them and the killing did not spread nor extend among them. They do not go beyond the punishment defined by Islamic law with all that pertains to human rights, regardless of their religion, race, color and their countries [of origin], since human beings are equal from the point of view of Islam… Everyone is equal under the law in terms of their rights and obligations…

"It says in the Quran… in the words [of Allah], praise him: “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” [Quran, 49,13]

"This and more, Islam promises various rights to the human. It promises him freedom of religion and citizenship, freedom of thought, the right to property, political freedom and his right to employment. The thing that has no doubt… is that Islam preceded Europe and the West, in general, with all that pertains to matters of human rights by no less than 13 centuries …

"The Muslims and their societies are more advanced and more sublime than the West and its societies. They are earlier in human civilization, and are more perfect in value system and humanity. The fact that there are those who believe that these are Western values – it is a delusion and false, since the Muslims are masters, leaders and teachers of the world, even if the West rejects this. It is no wonder that this is rejected by the West, the most eager rival of Islam, its followers and its culture. But shocking and amazing is that these are opinions of some Muslims, and this misdirects their compass from the path of truth, righteousness and wisdom.


shaw said…
you might be interested in this:

and this:

to me, things like this are a bit strange, as if HR were not universal, but inherently conscripted to religious parameters.
Anonymous said…
Aryans are Masters of the World; Everyone else is Subhuman

If you think that the title sounds a little out of date, (seventy years or so), think again!
On August 28, 2007, Dr. Hamza Dhib Mustafa, member of the Palestinian Authority Supreme Fatwa Council, appointed last year by a so-called "moderate" PA president Mahmoud Abbas, stated the following:
"Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this."
Muslims Against Sharia condemn, in the strongest possible terms, Dr. Mustafa's statement and demand his immediate excommunication and removal from the PA Supreme Fatwa Council. As a figure of religious authority, Dr. Mustafa has a responsibility to strive for World Peace and not to call for worldwide domination of Islam. We hold PA president Mahmoud Abbas responsible for his appointee and demand a public apology and repudiation of Dr. Mustafa's statement. We call on all democratic governments, including the governments of Israel and the United States to halt any aid to Palestinian Authority until president Abbas rectifies the situations for which he is personally responsible.

For more on the subject, please visit

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