Erik from ...Of Priests and Paramedics

Had a very splendid time this evening with my good friend Erik Twist, blogger over at ...Of Priests and Paramedics. He and his wife have decided to leave the Anglican Community and enter into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

We have known each other for many years--going all the way back to our undergrad days, though we studied at different universities. We last met in Rome in May of this year and attended a papal audience (where Pope Benedict XVI spoke about Tertullian), and visited the Basilica of Saint Peter where that apostle's body lies awaiting the day of the resurrection. I suspect that played part in this decision that has been long in the making...

I still remember years ago debating with him about women's ordination when he was advocating that position! How the times have changed, but for the better in his case, I think.

May God bless the Twists and guide them in this new stage of life.

...of priests and paramedics


E. Twist said…
Blessing to you and your family as well.

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