Abu Daoud, Abu Daoud, and Abu Daoud

Funny things happen when you Google your own name.

The first Abu Daoud on Google is this Abu Daoud:

"[He] was the leader of the Black September, the Palestine Liberation Organisation splinter group that carried out the 1972 Munich massacre. Many of its members were killed in Israel's campaign Operation Wrath of God, although Daoud was never assassinated. In 1981, Daoud claimed that the Mossad tried to assassinate him while in Poland, although it is not clear who was behind the attempt. In 1996 he was permitted to travel through Israel to attend a PLO meeting in the Gaza Strip. During that meeting, Daoud voted in favor of the resolution to rescind the section of the PLO's charter calling for the destruction of Israel" (Wikipedia).

The next Abu Daoud in Google (the eighth hit!) is yours truly.

Then there's this other Abu Daoud who helps train terrorists for Al Qaeda.

Then there's the guy who is an Iraqi refugee in Jordan who can't get a job. There's also some diving site named Abu Daoud.

Abu Daoud is also the name of the pastor who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls up in that cave.

And all the way on page six of the Google hits you finally find the Islamic scholar Abu Daoud who compiled hadiith of Muhammad's life. He was the only one I already knew about.


Rob said…
I don't think you can ever find me on Google. Apparently there si a famous historian and writer named Robert O. Paxton and he published something like ten million books!

I remain in his shadow. (Sniff)
Abu Daoud said…
What if you use your complete middle name?

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