Conceptual Terrorists Encase Sears Tower In Jell-O

From The Onion:

CHICAGO—In what is being called the first conceptual terrorist attack on American soil, the landmark Sears Tower was encased in 18 million tons of strawberry gelatin early Monday morning, leaving thousands shocked, angry, and seriously confused.

Authorities called to the scene of the senseless attack said they could do little to control the large crowds of dangerously bewildered citizens, many of whom searched desperately for some semblance of meaning in what had just taken place. As of press time, 11 night security guards were still trapped inside the famous structure, their rescue unlikely until the Jell-O melts.


"Your outdated ideas of what terrorism is have been challenged," an unidentified, disembodied voice announces following the video's first 45 minutes of random imagery set to minimalist techno music. "It is not your simple bourgeois notion of destructive explosions and weaponized biochemical agents. True terror lies in the futility of human existence."


Rob said…
I don't know. Is it funny or in poor taste? Help me out here.
Abu Daoud said…
I thought it was funny. But then again, The Onion had an article about how the Holy Trinity was downsizing to the Holy Duo and I thought that was funny too.
Steve Scott said…
Time to break out the chopsticks! By the way, after hearing the old cliche a million times about something being so hard it's like trying to eat Jell-O with chopsticks, I tried it once. It was fairly easy. I don't think that says more about my ability with chopsticks as it does the lack thereof of the person who coined the cliche.

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