Church planting in France

I am always glad to read about various new missionary endeavors. One that I just learned about is an American family moving to France with the goal of planting churches and reaching the unevangelized and unchurched. Here is a summary of the work they hope to do from their website:

Anticipated Ministry Focus The Butchers’ vision is to creatively communicate the gospel to start churches through new technologies and meaningful relationships.
The People The unchurched population in and around Paris: French people, refugees and immigrants of all ages.
Ministry Experience Blaine and Abigail have been involved in various ministries: drama, youth, children, refugees, construction, medical missions, evangelism, discipleship, preaching and choir. They’ve been on several mission trips to places like Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, and Ecuador. Abigail helped start a ministry in San Antonio developing friendships with women from Iran and other countries from that area of the world. Blaine served as a youth pastor for four and a half years. He also spent a year working with college students in Slovenia. He volunteered in church ministries for 13 years.
Prayer Focus Pray for the Butchers to have unity, learn to use their God-given gifts in ministry and to grow stronger in their walk with the Lord.

This young family (and I have met Abigail personally, though it was many years ago) is in the exciting phase of raising support for their mission. This is an excellent time for building bridges between Catholics/Orthodox and evangelicals like the Butchers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they received a gift from a Catholic parish with a note saying that they will be in their prayers?

While many of the unchurched in France are nominally Catholic they never attend church, read the Bible and rarely pray. Their life choices are not informed by Christian ethics and Biblical virtues. Many of the immigrants there are Muslim, something the Butchers are well aware of, making this an important missionary effort in the heartland of Eurabian Islamdom.

I will commit to supporting the mission of the Blutcher family with $30/month or $360/year. It is not much, but many grains of sand make a great beach. It can be done easily through their website at WorldVenture.


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