Review: God's Continent

I have written a little on Europe in the past: Islam and the Future of Europe

And I have also posted a link to an interview with Philip Jenkins who is a favorite author of mine.

Here is a quote from a review on his most recent book:

At a recent dinner party with European intellectuals, I put to an influential French archbishop Daniel Pipes’ projection: Either assimilation or expulsion or Islamic takeover. That, he said, puts the possibilities much too starkly. “We hope for the first,” he said, “while we work at reducing immigration and prepare ourselves for soft Islamization.” Soft Islamization. It is a wan expression. Whether soft or hard, the prospect is that, in the not-so-distant future, someone will publish a book titled Allah’s Continent. In fact, several Muslim authors have already published books with very similar titles, anticipating the future of the Europe that was. Needless to say, and historical contingencies being as contingent as they are, I very much hope that they turn out to be wrong. As I very much wish Philip Jenkins’ God’s Continent provided better reasons for believing they are wrong.

From the genius mind of Fr. Richard John Neuhaus at First Things. The entire article is a great review of a book by Jenkins, who is a good author and whom I have met personally at my old university where I studied theology.

Read the whole thing.


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