Shari' and the Limitations on Jihad

It is often said that Jihad is only defensive, and that since this is
true (which, in theory, at least right now in history, is), that well,
you draw your own conclusions.

Folks are expected to think that things like 9/11 (USA) or 7/7 (England) or 3/11 (Spain) are thus not really jihad. But not so! First of all, Spain is part ofIslamdom, since what used to belong to Islamdom belongs to it forever (Israel anyone?) Thus every civilian in Spain is in fact a target of jihad--they are all occupying forces.

But what of the USA and England? And here we see OBL's genius: Since they are funding the Zionists in Israel, they too are in fact part of the economic defenses of the anti-Muslim world. So in WWI for example, trade with Germany was curtailed militarily, and I mean things like food here, because that was part of the economic foundation of Germany (the enemy).

OBL reasons that even children and civilians pay taxes to the government, and since Islamdom is under such dire peril these days, drastic times call for drastic
measures. Thus the targeting of civilian children is in fact a defensive measure, and is thus required of all Muslim believers.

Keep it in mind next time you hear about jihad being only 'defensive'. Al Qaida agrees with the statement entirely.

A quote from here:

London, Asharq Al-Awsat- Speaking from his prison in Egypt, founder of Al-Jihad Organization and Al-Qaeda ideologue, issued a call urging all jihadist and Islamist movements in the world to ensure that their jihadist operations are carried out in accordance with the rules of Shariaa.


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