Part I: Islam and the Future of Europe

To me this is one of the most interesting topics one can discuss. The
way I see it, and this is a summary so it lacks any kind of scholastic
rigour, there are a few possibilities:

1) Purge: This is
mentioned in this article. Europe has shown that it has a unique capability for violence in the past, and, lacking any kind of Christian ethical basis, it is not difficult to imagine forced deportations on a large scale, or perhaps something worse.

2) Evangelization of Muslims: Unlikely since the various churches in Europe are so peripheral to public life there.

3) Islamization and Decline: As Europe is Islamized tribalism and nepotism will grow, which are inextricably linked to Islam via Arab culture, and everything will decline in Europe: economic productivity,quality of education, just governance, freedom, and so on. Many educated Christian will emigrate, some companies will relocate. It will be Byzantine to Turkey all over again. The Byzantine Empire was the world center for science, education, medicine, art, and so on; once it was Islamized it lost all of those qualities.

Great article though:



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