Congratulations to Saudi Jeans!

Saudi Jeans is an excellent blog, and it is turning three years old!

Congratulations! Mabrook wa barakaat Allah 3aleyka! Felicidades y bediciĆ³nes!

Now in KSA, home of Saudi Jeans, someone might well issue a fatwa against me or what have you, but I am still glad that there are blogs like this out there. I know that Saudi Jeans and Islamdom disagree on many things. But we certainly agree that having an open space for honest discussion and searching for truth is something that every human being must be accorded.

Al majdu lillah. Istamirr ma3 ashshugul.

Abu Daoud


Ahmed said…
Thanks Abu Daoud, I really appreciate it.
SocietyVs said…
Nothing wrong with open discussion and acceptance - this seems very Christian to me.

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