The Lamb and his Wife

Recently posted something about the lack of domestic felicity among Muhammad and his wives. Here is a great post about the Christian vision of marriage. How different it is! Check it out:

Revelation pictures Holy Matrimony as a heavenly sacrament, or rather married couples are the sacraments of the heavenly wedding. The unity between the Church and the Son of God is the heavenly reality, and our earthly marriages are the outward and visible signs of that reality.

The marriage of the Lamb is celebrated by a wonderful wedding feast. Four and twenty elders, the priests of the twelve Old Testament tribes and the twelve apostles of the New Testament fall down in worship before the Lamb. Beyond them are a multitude no-one can number of those who are clothed in the white garments of the prayers of the saints. And the martyrs stand about with palms of victory in their hands. The various groups are not interchangeable but all are united by their common worship of the Lamb.

Read it all at Transfiguration.


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