Treasures Old and New

I am pretty certain that one of the key weaknesses of modern
evangelical Christianity today is its inability to incorporate history
andgrasp God's wonderful acts throughout history.

We generally know about Acts and then we know about today. What happened during the 18 centuries in between? Well, there was a Reformation in the 16th C. but other than that, um not much.

Profound and weak. And really a discredit to God and his great power and his providence in guiding the saints throughout the ages. Irhamna ya Rrab (Have mercy on us Lord)!

Robert Webber died recently, and he was not such a man. He was evangelical and drew on the goodness of that tradition (and
there is much goodness there), but also understood that we do not know
the church today unless we know the church yesterday. Read his obituary
at href="">Christian


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