Yemen, soon to be a failed state like Somalia?

Worrying news about Yemen from here.

"Yemen is not a failed state, but it is on the brink of becoming so," said one diplomat on condition of anonymity. "It could go over very rapidly because of mounting problems."

According to analyst Brian O'Neill, writing last year in the Jamestown Foundation publication "Terrorism Monitor", Yemen faces "three rebellions".

In addition to the jihadist threat, there is also a latent Zaidi sect revolt in the Shiite-majority mountainous north sandwiched between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Sunni southern Yemen, where secessionism also still ferments.

Please pray for Yemen and the believers there, for strength and fruitfulness in the midst of a very difficult situation.


Anonymous said…
You mean it was a success before?
Abu Daoud said…
Well, it was, let us say, a nation state. Better than Somalia certainly.

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