The New EU Equality Law

From HERE:

The EU equality law that will let "upset" atheists sue companies that hang crucifixes in public places - including hospices - could provoke civil action. Any group offering a service to the public, including hospitals, charities, businesses and prisons, could be at risk. Legislation may also allow Christians to bring an action against a hotel if it displayed something they deemed offensive - such as a poster for the 1979 Monty Python film "The Life Of Brian". The Church of England says hospices or charities for the homeless could face legal action if people using their services felt degraded by their religious practices or symbols, such as the cross. The Archbishops' Council even fears that charities could be challenged by atheists if grace is said before meals. The Law Society says religious believers may also be able to launch a civil action for harassment.

I am guessing the Muslims will neither use this law (though I could be wrong), nor will they abide by it. I am thinking of this one mosque in a UK city where they have a 'restaurant' open for lunch, it is behind the mosque (not inside it) and it offers yummy food for cheap. I don't recall ever seeing any religious symbols there, but you know the mosque has written on it "La ilah illa Allah" (There is no god but Allah). It is written in Arabic, but hey, I understand it and see it all the time. Does this mean I could sue them since I understand the statement within an Islamcis context as denying the deity of Christ, which is turely does according to most Muslims in the world? How stupid...


Anonymous said…
It won't be much longer for Europe now.

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