Libya tortures four converts from Islam

Read about it HERE.


Abu Daoud said…
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newborn.libyan said…
Those, who claimed to be in jail in Libya because of their convert from Islam. We share the same believes and ideas. Actually we love all religions, God told us, in the holy Quran, to believe in him, in his prophets and in his holy books.

We deny, refuse and condemn any news which relate The Leader Al-Qaddafi to arrest of converted people from or to Islam . We know that he is a kind man. A man that respects all religions. We , Libyans, know who Al-Qaddafi is. Al-Qaddafi's ideas and philosophy are bigger than events like these. In Libya. We call him the leader. He is a wonderful revolutionary man. His ideas are Genuine. He is a very open minded man. One that is against any kind of oppression and discrimination be it racial or even spiritual segregation.

Al- Qaddafi is a man of philosophy in life. He differs from a lot others that are empty from philosophies. He is a philosopher and thinker. A great philosopher said that, " Either I create my Philosophy or be enslaved under someone Else's philosophy". We love Al-Qaddafi, and we have learned many good things from him. He is a nice man. We love him. We always listen to his speeches and enjoy the subjects he talks about. We wish him well and may God bless him and his family.
After all, Al-Qaddafi's ideas and philosophy are proved to be more wise than many world leaders and presidents' ideas and philosophies who brought destruction to the world such as president Bush's ideas and philosophies .
As for those in jail, I do not know how they got involved themselves and therefore, were jailed.
I hope that they be released soon.



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