Bp. Michael Nazir-Ali: stepping down from episcopate to serve Muslim converts to Christianity

Well, I was sad to hear the news that one of the very few capable bishops of the C of E is stepping down, but when I read about his new vocation I could not help but rejoice.

Bp Michael: If I can help you in any way shape or form there in the UK please let me know. I am at your service. --Abu Daoud

A section from the article at the Telegraph article:

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali is only 59 and could have stayed for another decade in his post, one of the most senior in the Church, but has chosen instead to devote the rest of his career to working in communities where Christians are in a minority.

While this is likely to see him involved in the Middle East and Pakistan, the bishop revealed that he also plans to work with Muslim converts to Christianity in Britain.


Don said…
You have to admire this man for doing this.

But I suspect that he will end up doing more fruitful ministry, and probably will have a more receptive audience.

His stepping down is also a rejection of episcopal careerism, which is a powerful statement to Muslims, esp. in MENA, for reasons I discuss here.

I hope he takes you up on your offer.
Abu Daoud said…
I agree Don, he's giving up a very stable and prestigious position to engage in what will probably end up being a faith-based ministry where he has to raise funds and friends on his own (like myself, just that he's a better man than I) without the help of the national church. May God propser him (Leita allah yurziqhu)

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