Saw this and loved it: Postmodernism

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Haha. That's so true. It's kinda like how religious people read the bible or the qu'ran and because of the bullshit in those books, they reject proven scientific facts like evolution or the fact that homosexuality is natural. Lol.
Anonymous said…
... or so wikipedia told him.
Brett said…
It is obvious you have little respect for religion, but do you have any respect for logic? Why else was Bertrand Russell forced to take a sidestep to agnosticism. Because atheism is not logical. To say there is not a being with absolute knowledge in the universe is to say that you have absolute knowledge of the universe.

Or to try to reject God by logic alone. Is there any other thing in this universe that, like God, is absolute, immutable and real? Why yes... the laws of logic.

When you said your manager was morally wrong for lying to your crew at work about the cost of materials.... where does that moral judgement come from if there is not absolute truth. You must have a center from which to judge good and evil, or nothing is good or evil. There is an innate sense of oughtness that God has put in our nature. And as soon as you make a value judgment you reveal an absolute truth. And to admit there is absolute truth is to admit there is a giver of that truth. That is why it is a logical fallacy to say that there is no God because there is too much evil in this world.

With all love and respect I highly recommend you read some good christian philosophers such as Peter Kreef, William Lane Craig, or Ravi Zacharias. Kreeft has some good audio talks available on his site as does Ravi.

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