Why I work with Muslims

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Brett said…
It never ceases to amaze me how Christ works to bring muslims to him. I have heard countless stories like this. A missionary friend of mine who was in Turkey said the majority of Muslims come to Christ by either dreams and miracles or the love of Christ shown through a friend. I have even heard of a man on his pilgrimage at Mecca feel a tap on his shoulder and a voice whisper in his ear "believe in Christ as your one true savior."
Samuel said…
What wonderful effort in spreading the Gospel. God blesses those who work for Him.

Probably one thing that strikes a Muslim is the love shown by our Lord thru the love He imparted to his disciples. Quite unlike the lack of love in Islam.
Abu Daoud said…
If you guys want more info on why Muslims are turning to Christ you might want to check out my article "Apostates of Islam" over at St Francis Magazine.

Just go to the old articles or search for it.
David said…
Several months ago, I worked with a local national interpreter (here in Iraq) who had spent time in Syria after the invasion. While there, he was homeless and jobless. He has no college education and he had no money at the time. He ended up being taken in by an Orthodox Christian family. They housed him and employed him and also took him to Liturgy with them. He is back in Iraq now working as an interpreter and trying to get a visa to come to the states, where he says his first act will be to find an Orthodox Church and be baptized.

This is how Muslims are brought to Christ.
Abu Daoud said…
David, that is very exciting news! I am always happy to hear about conversion to Catholic and Orthodox Christianity. I believe there is much to offer in these Churches.

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