Muslim-background Believers and Baptism

Interesting section here on baptism and MBB's:

Baptism is the decisive turning point for an inquirer or seeker to become identified as a Muslim background believer. What we may think of as “secret baptism” is not really secret when one Muslim baptizes another Muslim and some of their family and friends are there. Those who have been baptized gather very naturally into their family or friendship groups. They protect each other and provide for each other’s physical and social needs. The timing of a Muslim background believer’s baptism should be the prerogative of the man or woman of peace who won them to the Lord and is discipling them. I know of many occasions when Barnabas told me that a person he was discipling was not ready for baptism. It often involved a lack of comprehension of the Gospel and the security issue. We have had people who join the believer’s movement to spy out other believers either for the local government security services or for the fundamentalist Muslim movements. Sometimes a Muslim’s baptism is delayed until they can lead other family members or friends to the faith and join them to establish a believers group. In most cases, baptism gives new courage to the Muslim background believer and the Holy Spirit empowers him or her to grow stronger in their faith.

R. R., Ch. 6
Discipling Middle Eastern Believers
2005, 06, Unpublished Manuscript


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