A Testimony Customized for Muslims

Our brother FTME has posted his testimony over at SBC Impact, please check it out. It has been customized to speak to the Muslim heart using images and phrases that are close to the hearts of many Muslims, while perhaps rather foreign to many Westerners. A section:

My Pilgrimage

[...]When I realized this, I began sitting and meditating on my own heart and secret desires. It was like torture because I knew my heart was black and I could never succeed in this jihad. I wanted to be truly submitted to Allah and his will and I wanted to go to Paradise, but I also saw that my soul was black and did not know what to do. This was when I realized why I felt as if Allah was so far away. It was because He judges our hearts and hidden desires… and mine were shameful. At the same time, I had a friend, he was my closest friend and he seemed to be winning in this jihad. So, even though it was difficult to admit these things, even to a close friend, I told him of my struggle.[...]


Thanks for the link!!
Samuel said…
Is this one Muslim convert to Christianity?
Abu Daoud said…
No, he's a Christian, but still it's important to be able to share one's testimony in a manner that makes sense with Muslims. There is something universal about a man's experience of God's grace that can cut across cultures.
Samuel said…
Thank you, Abu Daoud. That's a very good point, one that the Apostle Paul himself employed during the course of his ministry---which is why Christianity was of such great appeal to the Hellenistic world (unlike Pharisaic or Qumran Judaism, which were pretty restricted and had lesser appeal).
Abu Daoud said…
I think that is what he is pointing to when he says, to the Jew I am a Jew and to the Gentile I am a Gentile.

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