Sarkozy in Algeria: A Mediterranean Union

Interesting development here that, if it comes to pass, could really change the dynamic of the whole Mediterranean region:

[...] Mr. Sarkozy arrived Monday in an effort to cool decades of tense relations and ink new business contracts with France's ex-colony, which gained independence in 1962, as well as pitch his idea for a Mediterranean Union, a regional community that would unite the 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The union, an initiative that Sarkozy proposed soon after becoming president, would focus on security, immigration, and environmental and cultural linkages among all countries, from Morocco to Malta to Israel, and help coordinate trade between this region and Europe. But his message in the region is reaching many skeptical ears, both those wary of a former colonial master as well as those concerned such a formal compact would simply open the door to European imports and guarantee hydrocarbon-hungry Europe a reliable supply of energy. [...]


Rob said…
I can't see a bad side to this. The imigration problem already exists. It seems like a Meditertranean Union makes as much, if not more, sense than a European Union.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Rob, the things that is interesting about this is that it would open up some more opportunities for business-oriented ministry in North Africa.

On the other hand there are signs that some EU nations want to clamp down on immigration from this region, which I really think is a good move. (Of course they need to start doing crazy things, like getting married and having kids, but that's another story.)
Snake Oil Baron said…
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Snake Oil Baron said…
The Mediterranean Union would be a good idea if the North African nations would harmonize their human rights policies with European nations and allow people to decide on their personal religions without government interference. Respect for women's rights and protection for homosexuals, apostates and other individual liberties would also be a good start.

Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. A free trade union would also be helpful but it does not sound like it is one the table either.

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