Inflation in Jordan

While this is not generally covered in the international press, there has been some pretty heavy inflation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan over the last few years. Prices on basic goods--flour, water, gas, lamb, chicken--have all gone up considerably. The price of real estate has increased rather steeply. Gas prices are set to increase in January as the government continues to eliminate subsidies. Here is a recent example from a Jordanian blogger on the difficulties this is creating in their society:

What’s Worse Than The Government?


…heartless people…

AMMAN - The authorities said they will intensify measures to prevent retailers from stockpiling oil derivatives as several distributors of fuel and gas were reportedly arrested and referred to court Saturday…Officials said the new measures are meant to curb a trend among some petrol station owners and gas cylinder distributors to turn back customers claiming that they ran out of supplies in a bid to sell what they have early next month at higher prices. [source]


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