Pakistan: Civil War Imminent

I have long been saying that Pakistan is really the problem spot in Dar al Islam, probably more so than Iran. The reason is that Iran is in fact a functioning nation state and the government has the ability to stop or at least hinder terrorism in and from that country. Pakistan has a huge population which is very uneducated and the government itself is unstable. I should also add that there are very large numbers of Pakistanis in the UK and a civil war would mean two things: one, their numbers would swell further as people seek (and are granted) asylum there, and two, that the violence and fighting would spill over into the UK as each faction tries to coerce the UK government by means of terror into supporting their side. (Like this: if you don't supply MY side with arms we'll blow up another subway full of people.)

Anyway, John over at Fisher of Men has a good post and I recommend you read it all. It's not long:

Fisher of Men


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