The "right to preach hate"

Lengthy article on European immigration at the Brussels Journal:

By their entry, immigrants become subject to common sense obligations. The more so as, in exchange for the privilege of refuge and its opportunities, they have voluntarily accepted these. This might sound obvious, however, given the attitude of some immigrant groups and their apologists, the matter is apparently not self evident to all.

Some aliens that gain admission to economically advanced and politically democratic societies nurture resentments. They are directed against the way of life and even the existence of their host country. Bluntly put, intolerantly they do not accept the identity of the citizens of the state and its order that is harboring them. Concurrently, they demand for themselves what they deny their benefactor. Of the traditions they find and that they are, having chosen it, honor bound to respect, they uphold only one. It is that, regardless of their actions and advocated cause, their right to preach the hate of their host community is to be protected to an extent that nears extraterritoriality.


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