Islam is under attack?

From The Oxford Cross-Cultural Research Institute:

The message that comes across loud and clear and burrows into the consciousness of Muslims is that Islam is being targeted. Most Muslims around the world are convinced, with good reason, that Islam is under attack from people in the West.

Muslims, unlike the Jewish race, do not define themselves primarily through ethnicity. Islam is a core component in the identity of a Muslim and so when Islam is perceived to be under attack, the natural consequence is one of trauma and anxiety. The subsequent reaction is frustration and simmering anger at one's own inability to combat the onslaught. In this perturbed state of victimisation there is a natural tendency to gravitate towards the first person who offers to defend Islam.

Unwise choices at this crucial juncture lead some into counterproductive violence and self-fulfilling prophecies. The attack on the Quran and Islam is followed by a violent reaction, which then leads to the blaming of the Quran and Islam and the cycle repeats itself. The attacks on Islam are justified through violence perpetrated by Muslims, which in turn is justified via more attacks on the Quran and Islam and so on. My fear is that if this is allowed to continue it will most certainly lead to Huntington's 'Clash of Civilisations', a clash that will last until, of course, one side becomes extinct. Muslims do not have an emperor through whom to surrender when on the brink of catastrophe as the Japanese did in the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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