Muslimas traveling and the 'mahram'

A mahram is a MALE companion from the woman's family or her spouse. From Islam Q&A:


We live in the country. Sometimes I like to visit my uncle who lives in a city that is 50 km further than us. I have to use mixed transportation and go alone because my father thinks it is very expensive to use transportation. He leaves the matter of meeting my uncle or not up to me. There is no other place I can go to. I visit my uncle every 5-8 months. Am I allowed to travel without a mahram?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The saheeh Sunnah indicates that it is not permissible for a woman to travel without a mahram. This includes both long trips and short trips, according to the majority of scholars. Everything that is called traveling is forbidden for a woman unless she has a mahram with her. [...]


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