Racism or Security?

This sort of question will become more and more important in the future.

Officials should proclaim a moratorium on all visa applications from Muslim countries, since there is no reliable way for American authorities to distinguish jihadists and potential jihadists from peaceful Muslims. Because this is not a racial issue, these restrictions should not apply to Christians and other non-Muslim citizens of those countries. Those who claim that such a measure is "Islamophobic" should be prepared to provide a workable way for immigration officials to distinguish jihadists from peaceful Muslims, or, if they cannot do so, should not impede basic steps the U.S. should take to protect itself. And Muslims entering from anywhere -- Britain, France -- should be questioned as to their adherence to Sharia and Islamic supremacism. This is not because anyone will expect honest answers, but so that answers proven false by the applicant's subsequent activity can become grounds for deportation.

The problem in the West is that we continue with this nonsense view that Islam is a religion. What Islam is--a civilization--is simply beyond the categories of what Western language is able to describe. During the Cold War the USA was warry of communists because of their political commitments. Islam is profoundly political. Can the countries of the West not treat Islam as a form of politics--which is what is suggested here? Or is that racism? Or is it Islamophobia, which the worst form of terrorism?

The entire article is worth a read, it is here.


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