Germany: The Central Council of Ex-Muslims

From Der Spiegel:

"Not Possible to Modernize Islam"

Human rights activists have formed a "Central Council of Ex-Muslims in Germany" to help women renounce the Islamic faith if they feel oppressed by its laws. Its Iranian-born founder Mina Ahadi, under police protection after receiving death threats, talks to DER SPIEGEL about its goals.

Mina Ahadi has received death threats after founding the group.

An Iranian human rights activist living in Germany has formed a "Central Council of ex-Muslims in Germany" with 40 others and has received anonymous death threats after declaring she wants to help people to leave the religion if they so desire.
Iranian-born Mina Ahadi, 50, said she set up the group to highlight the difficulties of renouncing the Islamic faith which she believes to be misogynist. She wants the group to form a counterweight to Muslim organisations that she says don't adequately represent Germany's secular-minded Muslim immigrants.


SocietyVs said…
"Mina Ahadi has received death threats after founding the group."

Sad, that religous belief would be a cause for the call to someone's 'death' (cease to exist on planet earth). If this is the caee - this needs to be de-cried within Germany and the people that make the threats need to re-examine the meaning of a 'merciful G-d'.

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