Don't Want Truth

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Yesterday while witnessing to a Muslim in the area, I noticed that he was repeating all of the Muslim propeganda. He was not able to answer one question that I had, but was unwilling to even look into the possiblity that he was wrong, and that Jesus really did die on the cross for the sins of the world.

He wasn't really religious persay. Seemed like he didn't do his daily prayers, like he probably drank beer.

And yet somehow, he had all the things memorized. When I asked, "What evidence do you have that the Injil was changed?" He simply responded that the Koran was proof that it was changed...

No matter how I tried reasoning with him, he was not willing to think independantly on the manner.

A brother then came out and handed me two books. One was an Injil, and the other was a book explaining different reasonings why we believe that the Injil (New testament) was not changed and how we know that Jesus really did die on the cross...

"Are those for me?" He asked.

"They would be, but you are not willing to even look for the truth. It wouldn't matter if I could prove to you that Jesus is the only way to God, you do not even want to look for the truth."

Stunned, he looked at me "Where is this truth, can you show me where this truth is?" He said with a kind of jokingly manner.

"I could show you entire libaries filled with evidence to support the claims of the bible, but you have no desire to look."

There was a silent moment, then a large group of people entered the room. The conversation was over.


SocietyVs said…
I guess we have to be actively searching if we want to find God...lesson for all of us to remember.
Jim Jordan said…
Memorization is not understanding. One day I pray the Muslims will get that point.
Great web site. Found it through societyvs' site.
Jay Smith is one of my favorite Christian apologists versus Islam. His youtube site is here. He obtained his Master of Divinity in Christianity and also the equivalent in Islam. So his critique of Islam is from Muslim sources themselves.
God bless.
Anonymous said…
I think perhaps the brother was not aware that what we know as the New Testament is not the same as the Injil.

That is, the teachings of the Injil have been "changed" by the incorporation of pagan ideas (such as the Trinity and Divine Sonship) into the written texts that Christians use.

Did you have a chance to read Beyond Mere Christianity where former Christian Brandon Toropov demonstrates that some of the original teachings of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, from his Injil did find their way into the New Testament texts? Like that worship is due to God alone, and not His created being Jesus?
Abu Daoud said…
Umm Yasmin,

Thanks for the comment, but as a Christian I have a totally different understanding of inspiration and revelation than you do. Christians call the New Testament the injiil, so indeed it is the New Testament. Muslims use the word injiil for some supposed revelation that God gave to Jesus which was then corrupted by pernicious Christians.

There are two different injiils. If Christians are write and the true injiil is indeed what we also call the New Testament then Jesus Christ is indeed God's Son and Islam is false. If what you call the injiil really existed then I challenge you to offer some sort of historical evidence regarding the question.

I mean, when did this tahriif (corruption) of the text take place? By whom? In which text? In what language?

The Islamic position regarding the corruption of the injiil is totally baseless.

Anonymous said…

"Thanks for the comment, but as a Christian I have a totally different understanding of inspiration and revelation than you do."

Certainly :) I just wanted to point out that from a Muslim perspective to say that the Injil that the Qur'an refers to, is the texts of the New Testament we possess today, is not correct :) Hence if the textual integrity of the New Testament scriptures is sound, that is fine, but it doesn't impact on the charge of adulteration of the Injil that the Qur'an refers to :)

Now, we don't know whether there was a written copy of the Injil that Jesus, peace be upon him, imparted to his followers. There may not have been, particularly as Jesus, peace be upon him, and his companions spoke Aramaic.

Modern Biblical scholarship however suggests that some of Jesus', peace be upon him, "Injil-ic" teachings did make their way into the New Testament texts, but there was also the addition of much material that did not spring from the teachings of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him.

Toropov's work points to the (non-Muslim) Biblical scholarship surrounding the "Q" material, all of which confirms Islamic concepts such as tawhid, and the human nature of Christ, but does *not* contain doctrines central to later Christianity, such as the substitutionary atonement, the Trinity and so on. This is where the "corruption" took place.

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