Greetings to Readers of Sacramentum Vitae!

Special thanks to Michael Liccione over at Sacramentum Vitae who posted a link to this blog.

I recommend starting with the recent article I wrote on the Islamic understanding of what the Gospel is (and is not):

The Gospel According to Muhammad

Mike said:

His observations are generally trenchant and illuminating, though many would not avoid scholarly and/or polemical quibbling.

Quibbling is welcome :-)


Chr0n0 said…
Dear Mr Daoud

I am one of those readers coming visiting in from Sacramentum Vitae, the topic of Islam interests me since I live in the country with the #1 moslem count in the world that is Indonesia.

Looking forward to reading a lot from your blog, God bless you!

PS: Your post suggests to start reading Part XIII: The Gospel According to Muhammad, how do I get to the other XII parts?
Abu Daoud said…
I have just posted parts IV and V. Hope to get them all on the blog soon.

Thanks and God bless you and all of Indonesia.

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