Libya, the Decline of the Nation-State and the Rise of the City-State

For those of you, my few, faithful readers, who have been reading this blog for a while, you will know my hypothesis about the future of Europe. (<---Check out the comments on that one, egad!) I don't believe that entire countries will, in their parliaments and whatnot, go Islamic. The shari'a will not come in from above, but from below.

As larger and larger urban areas become Islamized (and it is happening very quickly), shari'a will not need to come in from above, through the traditional processes of legislation. Rather, it will come in from below, from people willing to enforce it and profit from it, and from the fact that the ethnic-European police will not even enter a lot of those neighborhoods.

So we are talking about de-facto City States, not de jure Nation States, going Islamic. That seems like an incontrovertible trend to me, and I would love to see any evidence pointing away from this reality. The nation state as a model will become increasingly unimportant, I project, as Western Civilization continues to decline, and the Islamic cultures overcome the sterile remains of the Englihtenment.
My latest piece of evidence for this is the total chaos we now see in Libya.

I am really not happy about this, but it appears that Libya, and indeed the entirety of Tripoli, has been reduced to warlordism and rule by militia (even worse than my city-state model....Europe may well get there, but the City-State model will come first). Read all about it at the IHT. Here is a snippet:

Residents say some of the fighters have sought to preserve law and order in the midst of government helplessness. Militias from Benghazi and Zintan are trying to protect a refugee camp of 1,500 people driven from their homes in Tawergha by fighters from Misurata, who bitterly blamed them for aiding Colonel Qaddafi’s assault on their town. Since the Tawerghans arrived in the camp, which once housed Turkish construction workers in Tripoli, Misurata militiamen have staged raids five or six times there despite the presence of the other militias, detaining dozens, many of them still in custody. 

The rest is HERE.


JI said…
All of this was entirely foreseeable before the NATO-GCC intervention in Libya. This is another case where Western leaders have actively colluded with Islamic extremists in order to remove a defiant regime. If you look back at history this kind of cooperation (e.g. in Afghanistan) has always been there. Now the non-Muslims of the Middle East and North Africa are paying a heavy price.

What is worrying is that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has come to power in Egypt and Tunisia, and well funded by Saudi Arabia, is projecting itself as a "moderate" party. This is a lie but Westerners are falling for it. With the Brotherhood in power across the region we could witness a gradual ethnocide of Christians. Already it seems to be happening in Egypt.
Abu Daoud said…
Yes JI, I agree. I have heard so many discouraging things lately coming out of Syria, of how Christians there are being targeted and abused, and Washington says nothing about it.

The Middle East can have secular tyrants or Islamist tyrants. I prefer the former.

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