J Casper: A Prayer for Egypt

J Casper, over at A Sense of Belonging, is one of my favorite commentators on the current events in Egypt. He is thoughtful, well-informed, and irenic.

I especially appreciate his Friday Prayer. Every Friday he composes a prayer to God for Egypt--an insightful and informative prayer.

It is a creative model of mission, and I commend him and his blog to you.

Most recent Friday Prayer

A Sense of Belonging

--Abu Daoud


JohnG. said…
Abu, did you received a answer from the pope on your oppen letter? Tell us !

I have great feelings having discoverded Lully in your post.

I like to read St Thomas arguments too; and the "controverses against a muslim"; and jean Damacène ...

Have you developped your own arguments when dealing with, let's say, Trinity, corrupcy of the Gospel, death of Christ, etc....?
Abu Daoud said…
Hi John,

Never got a letter from the Pope, alas. Print the letter and send it to your local bishop and if that happens enough then the Pope will hear about it eventually, I guess.

Thanks for asking!

JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,

I don't think my local bishop is a good idea... He doesn't go to Rome often...
I tried with Vatican's ambassy in France.
I'll tell you if there is something following.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi John,

Ok, do let me know. Maybe the local Franciscan or Jesuit Superior would work? Anyway, I'm committed to seeing Roman Catholic witness expand. I'd love to pack up and move to Rome and be the Pope's special coordinator for mission to Muslims...
JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,

They say I have to be sur that your texte will be known by pope's collaborators committed to that.
But feel free to come among us ;-).
I'm sure many would be pleased !!

One other way is perhaps for you to meet Kamil Samir Khalil ... I think the two of you would have many things to share !

On french TV we saw recently one catholic little (but growing fraternity, they are now several groups) called "mere qabel" , devoted to welcome muslim converts in the Church (it's not always obvious for them, as you know it ), especially those speaking Kabyle. ( http://www.notredamedekabylie.net/ )

Is there a possibility to sent you longer mails out of the blog ?

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