Just how stupid is Sarkozy?

As President Sarkozy told Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi during his official visit to Paris last December, the best protection for Eastern Christians and the true guarantee of their survival in the region is the establishment of democracy and the rule of law in Arab countries. 

From this article at Foreign Policy, a great publication.

But no, M. Sarkozy, democracy will destroy Christians in the Middle East, not save them. Rather, your idealistic, illusory thoughts that democracy is possible among Muslims will destroy Christianity in the Middle East.

The First Law of the Muslim world: a secular tyrant is better than an Islamist tyrant.

Second Law: Muslim-majority countries may have tyranny or anarchy in the long term.

Third Law: Muslim-majority countries have no other options.

Muslims can have Islam, or freedom. Not both. Never.


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