Egypt: Meet the new boss...same as the old boss

As I have said before, Islamic societies simply do not have the capacity for freedom and liberty. Just as a cook cannot build a table, and a carpenter can't prepare a great feast, so an Islamic society simply does not have the cultural resources to ensure freedom. This all goes back to the Prophet. Once you take a tyrant like Muhammad and make him 'the ideal man' (الانسان الكامل), you can never have freedom or liberty, or, for that matter, human rights and dignity.

اين الاسلام موجود، هناك لا حرية

From USA Today:

A year after the revolution, many Egyptians -- already suffering under the weight of a wretched economy -- see an undemocratic society where the military and Islamic ideologues are hoarding power while changing nothing. Though some are pleased that a form of law shaped by the Quran is coming to Egypt, others wonder whether they have swapped one corrupt and suppressing dictatorship for another.
The hated laws enforced by Mubarak that permitted police to imprison people without trial remain in effect. (Incidentally, Mubarak is now facing his own form of Egyptian justice -- and possibly the death penalty -- in an ongoing trial over the killing of demonstrators during last year's uprising. His two sons also face trial on corruption charges.)

Read it all here, by Oren Dorell.


JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,

you could ne interested by this link :

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Abu Daoud said…
Interesting. But is this a new translation? Or just a new binding of the old Jesuit version?

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