Daniel Greenfield on the bankruptcy of Islam

A quote from the article:

Islam was a predecessor of power movements like Communism and Nazism, its leader worship grimly real, as any cartoonist who has tried to draw a picture of Mohammed knows, or anyone who has seen Shiites cut their children bloody while crying out in mourning for Caliph Ali. Its theology is still incapable of embracing anything higher than its own will to power. Its objects of worship are its warleaders, its soldiers and its atrocities.

Greenfield's argument in this article is that Islam is incapable of producing a just, stable government, and that every revolution replaces one sort of tyrant with another. In other words, the Arab Spring is a lost cause. What do you think?

Read it all at FrontPage Magazine. And just in case you weren't sure how he feels, one more quote:

The Arab Spring is a misnomer because Islam exists in opposition to the spring, to the renewal of human energies and creative capacities. Its natural season is the wasteland where life has no capacity for growth.


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