Peter Berger on Modernity, great quotes

I have recently had the pleasure of reading Peter Berger's work on modernity. He is an astute critic and observer, I must say. I feel like Berger's material, which is sociology of religion as a discipline, is not a great deal more useful than all the lame evangelical material I've seen trying to relate the Gospel to late modernity (or post-modernity, as it used to be known). Here are some fine quotes from his book Facing up to Modernity: Excursions in Society, Politics, and Religion:

“…I am impressed by the intrinsic inability of the secularized world views to answer the deeper questions of the human condition, questions of whence, whither, and why.” (160)

“All the same, Christendom provided both a social-structural and a cognitive unity that was lost, probably irretrievably, upon its dissolution at the beginning of the modern age.” (171) 
“Could it not be that that ‘modern consciousness,’ far from being the pinnacle of man’s cognitive history, may rather be the result of an impoverishment of man’s grasp on reality?” (187) 
If there is going to be a renascense of religion, its bearer will not be the people who have been falling all over each other to be ‘relevant to modern man’.” (191) 
“Transcendence has been, shall we say, declared ‘inoperative’ by the major agencies that ‘officially’ define reality—the universities, the school system, the medical system, the communications media, and to some extent even the courts.” (202) 
“I believe that such a world view without transcendence must eventually collapse, because it denies ineradicable aspects of human experience.” (210)


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