Italy: Morrocan murders wife, suspects her of trying to convert to Christianity

Via bladna (Dutch):

Mohamed El Ayani (39), a Moroccan living in Brescello, killed his wife, Rachida Radi (35), since he suspected she was converting to Christianity.

The victim was killed with a hammer by her ex-husband, from whom she was divorcing. Once the investigation into her death is finished, her body will be flown for burial in Morocco.

Mohamed El Ayani turned himself in to the police shortly after the murder, holding his 4-year old daughter. He told the investigators his wife often went to chruch since she wanted to convert to Catholicism.

The city's mayor told Il Corriere della Sera that Rachida Radi most wanted to adapt to the customs of Italy. She performed small jobs for the parish to supplement her income.

Mohamed El Ayani came to Italy in 1995 and was revolted by his wife's and oldest daughter's wishes for autonomy He worked as a cleaner in Parma.

HT to Islam in Europe


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